I bought Nutcherscopse Johnathan as a foal in October 2006 and sold him to the Bebbington family as a well handled, halter broken 3yer old in many 2009.Congratuatlions are due to Theresa and the family for the work and patience it has taken to get to where they ae today.

I have been associated with Beaulieu Road and New Forest ponies for over 50 years. Initially enjoying personal success with ponies bought as foals. Beaulieu (Brand OK) and Romney (believed to be part bred – no details of breeding as before passports.

Beaulieu did everything and Romney won the first Junior Foxhunter Championship at Hickstead in 1964, competed at HOYS and at the pony Club Eventing Championships at Burghley for four years (1962-65)

A change in farming policy in 2001 saw a return to Beaulieu Road to buy New Forest foals to handle and educate. Despite being unhandled the foresters have a wonderful temperament and are so versatile and a pleasure to handle.

Other than private Sales Beaulieu Road is the only dedicated sale for the breed where a choice of ponies can be seen and compared. Some people have neither the desire nor the facilities to sell privately and as a buyer I appreciate the choice of ponies in one location. I am happy to attend the sales both and a vendor and a buyer.

Kate Adams