1. Entries are restricted to ponies that are the bona fide property of fully paid up members of the New Forest Pony Breeding & Cattle Society or the Commoners Defence Association. No ponies will be accepted into the sale yard from any other person. Membership cannot be taken up on the day.

2. All ponies must be presented with a full passport except foals belonging to commoners and de pastured on the New Forest, which must be presented with a full passport or the correct application form and fee prior to ticketing.

3. No ponies of Dartmoor or Shetland type will be accepted for sale direct from Somerset, Devon or Cornwall. Any such types that are entered by members of the Society or the Association must be bona fide property and have been grazed locally for at least four weeks prior to sale.

4. No foals will be accepted for the Spring Sale or August Sales
Vendors of mares with foals must guarantee that the mare is sold with its own foal. No foal will be accepted for sale under 4 months of age. No foal can be separated from its mother at the sale yard.

5. The Society reserves the right to refuse to sell animals considered sub standard, incorrectly described or broken under the age of 3 years. Vendors of such animals to be banned from selling at future sales. The Society’s Veterinary Officer reserves the right to refuse entry to the sale yard to any animal if he does not consider it fit for sale. Any animal found suffering from any diseases, either infectious or contagious or from any injury will also be refused entry to the sale yard.

6. No mare visibly in foal shall be presented for sale.

7. Description of sections at all sales
Section 1/2 – will be for Registered New Forest ponies or forest bred foals eligible for registration into the New Forest Stud Book which must be accompanied by a fully completed passport application form and fee. For Registered ponies the registration should be included on the entry form. These forms will have to be inspected before the ponies are sold and ineligible foals will be sold in Section 4 (non eligible) and will not be eligible for registration into the stud book in the future.

Section 3 – will be for ponies entered into the New Forest X Register, first cross New Forest ponies and part breds which are either registered or are forest bred foals eligible for registration in the First Cross Register or part bred record. Details to be provided as for section 2. Section 4 – will be for non registered horses and ponies including other breeds and crosses but complying with condition 2 and 3 above.

8. The Vendors of lots 1-60 in the catalogue are reminded that if they have not presented their ponies for lotting prior to the starting time of the sale their lots will be placed at the end of the sale.

9. All reserve prices must be made in writing and handed to the Auctioneers prior to the start of the sale otherwise ponies will be sold to the highest bidder.

10. Commission will be charged at 5% (plus VAT) with a minimum charge of £4 (plus VAT) per head. The Society levy will be charged at 3½% with a minimum of £3 per head.

11. Vendors will be charged an offering fee of £5 on all unsold animals reserved at , or bought in, over 100 guineas and on all warranted ponies. All offering fees must be paid before the removal of the ponies from the sale yard.

12. The Society and the Auctioneers reserve the right to exclude any pony from the sales without giving reasons and any decisions made by the Society or Auctioneers as to the conduct of these sales shall be final and binding at all times.

13. Details of age, sex, colour, height and breeding will be included in the catalogue. If you require further description in the catalogue there is an entry fee of £12 (incl VAT) which must be sent in with the entry form. This fee is refundable if the pony is sold.

14. Late entries. Uncatalogued entries will be subject to a £10 offering fee (non-refundable).

15. Individual pens may be available at a charge of £5 per pen payable on entry to the sale yard.

16. There will be a minimum bid of 20 guineas in all sections except at the last sale of year.

17. No castrated colt/stallion (irrelevant of age) should be presented for sale until at least 4 weeks post castration. They should be presented with their passport with drugs given listed with withdrawal periods. The castration date should be entered in the passport and signed by the Vet. Any colt/stallion castrated within 6 weeks of the sale must have a certificate signed by the Vet indicating that the castrated colt/stallion has been checked post castration and that the wound has healed successfully.