Beaulieu Road Sales Yard

Welfare of the stock and the public is our number one priority. In 2002, the infrastructure of the sales yard was totally rebuilt providing a clear division between stock and people which allows easy movement and the selection of stock whilst still allowing good access and viewing by the public and the buyers alike. The new design included areas set aside specifically for the showing of handled stock and a separate area for trade stands.

In 2011, further improvements were made to the sales yard including the installation of mains water, the installation of mains electricity and lighting, the installation of toilet and hand-washing facilities and the installation of wash-down facilities for lorries and trailers.

As a result of all of these improvements the yard is now one of the most up to date semi-feral sale yards in the country, has been endorsed by a number of equine welfare organisations and is now fit for use by future generations of commoners.

The regulations protecting the welfare of horses at sales and in transportation, along with the relevant codes of practice are strictly observed. The NFLS work closely with Hampshire Countly Council Trading Standards who enforce the regulations at the sales and with Defra on the practical implementation of the regulations. The RSPCA, WHW, BHS and other welfare organisations are often in attendance, the handlers are all experienced stockmen and are given training on the relevant legislation. The NFLS engage fully with Health and Safety, regular risk assessments are completed and an Emergency Plan is in place.